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Pro-Max 36 Wheeled Mower
First introduced to the market in 2001, the Pro Max 36 is a wide area mowing system that has a 36’ wide cut. Designed specifically as a combination of two mowers; the PM36 (front half) and a TD92 (back half). Refer to the TD92 section for specific information on the TD92. The PM36 consists of two decks spaced apart on a foldable frame. The TD92 fills the space between the front two decks, thus achieving a 36’ wide cut across the five individual floating decks. The PM 36 can not be used on its own. The PM36 had a design update in 2013 and 2016. While the PM36 shares many components with a TD92, parts should be ordered for the section that requires them. Since 2016, the PM36 is most commonly sold with bolt-on galvanized deck shells.